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15% insulation sale


Between the 10th of June and the 31st of July, we are offering 15% of all insulations. 

In 2017 the UK government reported that 78% of households' energy consumption was due to heating requirements (BEIS, 2017). Make your home more energy efficient by insulating it with natural materials to reduce energy consumption. With energy prices rising now to reduce costs this winter!  

There is no need to use synthetic, man-made chemical-based materials to achieve excellent energy efficiency. Insulation using natural Fibre Insulation (NFI) such as wood, hemp, cork or sheep's wool will achieve the highest levels of energy efficiency and provide many additional benefits such as:

 Soundproofing, the acoustics within our living spaces have a significant bearing on our quality of life. NFI's materials significantly reduce sound in buildings.

 Indoor Air Quality, unlike man-made materials, NFIs do not contain potentially harmful chemical pollutants. This is important not only for the homeowner but also for the installers. Additionally, NFI's are breathable, which helps to reduce indoor moisture and damp levels.

 Sustainable, NFI's are the most sustainable raw materials in construction. NFI materials absorb carbon dioxide during their growth which is then locked up in the fibre when installed. The fibres used in our NFI solutions comprise waste or low-value fibres that would otherwise go to waste.

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