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A Natural Solution for damp issues like basement tanking using MGN's Rinzaffo lime-based plaster solution

Here is a video on the Rinzaffo system made by our partners Core Conservation. 

The product used in the system is a breathable salt resistant lime scratch coat, which protects subsequent plaster layers from the destructive effect of salts.

Because it is both waterproof and breathable in the same time, it is a versatile system suitable for a number of specialist applications such as a base coat in building subject to rising or penetrating damp, an external waterproof render or used as a "tanking slurry" to make basements or cellars waterproof.

Click here to visit our Rinzaffo product page 

Kind & Core will be hosting a morning workshop on the Rinzaffo system on 24th August at the Kind site in Lewes, East Sussex, click here to find out more

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