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Baumacol flextop baumit 25KG

Baumacol flextop baumit 25KG

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Product Description
Flexible adhesive mortar for the bonding of brick slips and tiles for exterior use. Suitable for heavy thermal and static stresses.

Flexible adhesive mortar for thin-bed laying. Suitable in cases of increased static and thermal load. Compliant with the quality requirements of DIN EN 12004 Class C 2 TE with increased stability and an extended laying time, as well as the requirements of DIN EN 12002 S1.

  • Flexible
  • Strong adhesion
  • High performance

Use a suitable bonding primer prior to bonding, Baumit Grund for absorbent substrates or Baumit SuperGrund for non-absorbent substrates.

Packaging 25 kg bag
Amount of packaging on pallet:52
Shelf life12
Max. thickness 5
Reaction to fire A1
Application time app. 4h
Consumptionapp. 3kg/m² depending on tile size
Yieldapp. 5m²/bag
Walkability app. 24h
Water demand app. 6l/bag (0,28 l/kg)
Open time > 30min
Grain size 0- 0.4m