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Insulation - we've got you!

 Britain's cap on domestic energy is expected to rise as much as 70% in October resulting in another surge in prices for UK customers. 

Properly insulating homes with natural materials is one of the best ways to improve energy efficiency and lower energy bills. 

Natural insulation materials can significantly reduce heat loss from your homes by an estimated 20 - 40%.

Here at Kind, we’re concerned for the future during these unprecedented times and feel driven to help our customers however we can. We understand the significance of insulating homes before the winter so we’ve taken steps to extend our natural insulation sale until the end of August.

Awareness of environmental impact is in our DNA and affects our day to day decisions as a company. We are obsessed with natural materials and reducing carbon emissions which is why all of our insulations deliver extremely low or negative U-values and all possess health benefits for both residents and the builders working with the raw materials.

For more information or questions about our natural insulations, we’d be happy to hear from you!  

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