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Minimizing Your Building Projects Carbon Footprint & Environmental Impact #1 - Benefits of Wood Fibre

PAVATEX wood fibre insulation has been a popular natural insulation material for customer since we launched, in 2021. They provide a wide range of materials that help minimize projects carbon footprint and provide circularity by re-purposing waste materials. For example PAVATEX's rigid and flexible wood fibre materials are made from residual material from sawmills – waste wood chips, which are collected, glued with a resin adhesive and pressed into panels, using a dry process. This means that insulation does not contain any harmful or hazardous substances and can be recycled or composted at the end of its life. In addition to reducing the environmental impact of a construction project PAVATEX also provides:

- Excellent heat storage capacity, offering thermal insulation properties that help buildings achieve current U-value building regulations. 

- High Thermal mass, because PAVATEX  wood fibre has a high specific heat capacity, a material’s capacity to store heat for every kilogram of that material it has a high thermal mass. This means that it will store heat from the sun and help keep internal spaces cool in the Summer months and reduce energy bills by retaining internal heat for longer once the heating system has been turned off.

- Good Breath-ability, just like all of wood fibre insulation products, PAVATEX is characterised by superior breathability, allowing moisture to move within a wall or roofing system, and regulating it at safe levels to prevent it from entering the building fabric. This is especially important for retrofits of older buildings built to breath.

- No Pollution, unlike many modern building materials PAVATEX contains no toxins, is compostable and will not contribute to the build up of indoor volatile organic compounds (VOC's) that can effect the internal air quality and occupants health.

PAVATEX's advantages are crucial for the environment, building owners and contractors alike.

To learn more about the be benefits of building with PAVATEX wood fibre materials join us on the 12th October for our Pavatex workshop and CPD

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