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A new dawn


'Why isn't everybody using this stuff?' 

It was mid February and the Kind construction team were busy installing some hemp insulation whilst discussing the sustainable benefits of using natural materials.

Sustainability runs through our veins thicker that a bucket of clay plaster so we're passionate about seeking out and utilising materials that are kind to our planet whilst minimising any negative implications that construction may cause to the environment.

The idea was born there - 'Why don't we create a building supplies service to help the local industry understand the constructional and sustainable benefits of using natural materials. We could make sourcing the materials as easy as possible to encourage companies to build responsibly whilst growing a community'.

We are driven by a desire to spread knowledge and to make sustainable materials accessible to all. Ensuring our products affordable and creating value to the industry is highly important to us as a company - we want to help change how things are done.

So here we are, our launch and first blog post of our new dawn. Like all businesses we are starting small but we strive to grow our sustainable products collection as demand increases and our community grows. 

Here is to the planet and the future generations! 

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