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Delivering the ultimate building performance whilst being ecologically regenerative

AdaptGlobally, the built environment is responsible for 39% of CO2 emissions and 30% of the world’s waste.Adaptavate was founded to change this. We develop carbon-negative construction materials as a form of Carbon Capture and Utilisation (CCU), with circularity at the core.

Lime Plaster Range


Breathaplasta UNIVERSAL is a high performance, multi-purpose plaster. It is designed for rapid build-up onto a wide range of backgrounds: plasterboard; wood fibre board; wood wool board; hempcrete; for overcoating existing plaster surfaces and solid masonry construction (brick, block, and stone)



Breathaplasta THERMAL is a low density plaster designed for rapid build-up on the internal face of solid walls. A 50mm coat can improve the energy efficiency (U-value) of a standard solid wall by 60%. Thermal can be applied in a single day by hand or spray applied by machine, building up multiple coats at 40mm thickness each.



Breathaplasta SMOOTH is a fine finishing plaster designed to be a super smooth final surface finish; quick and easy to apply onto plasterboard and to overcoat existing plaster surfaces. Typical application is 3mm total thickness in two passes of the trowel (base coat 1-2mm and topcoat 1-2mm).


Plaster Board

Breathaboard is a scalable, carbon sequestering alternative to one of the most widely used construction products, plasterboard. Breathaboard can save approximately 4kg of CO2/m2 in a market of around 13bn m2. It has been recognised by construction industry professionals as a revolutionary innovation that could help to address waste issues, resource security and health in the sector. It has enhanced thermal performance, reduces the risk of mould forming and is totally compostable at the end of its life. What is more, this product is installed in the same way as plasterboard but is lighter weight and manufactured to the same standards.


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