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Natural fibre construction insulation

Indinature. Natural fibre insulations capture a net amount of carbon, are made from local UK hemp crops and result in zero waste.Durable and soft, they are healthy to build with. They also provide passive regulation of temperature and humidity for added indoor comfort and health.


Flexible Insulation Range


IndiTherm® can be friction fit between structural framing or against masonry
with excellent rigidity to resist slumping. Soft to touch for installers. Very large carbon savings - net negative embodied carbon. Building occupants will benefit from the exceptional thermal and moisture buffering properties of this sustainable material.



Cosy, climate friendly bio-based insulation batts available now for layering in cold roof & pitched roof applications in lofts and attics;

IndiLoft® can be friction fit between joists to prevent air gaps, and quickly layered to stop thermal bridging - keeping rafters cosy!



Acoustic partition roll (APR)  slab insulation from bio-based; recycled materials, for quiet, climate friendly internal partition walls; floors.
IndiSilence® is designed for fitting with a metal frame or friction fit between timber frame internal partition walls - with excellent rigidity to resist slumping.Achieving better than Part E building regulations with minimal material, occupants will hardly hear IndiSilence®


Semi Rigid Board Insulation

A semi-rigid, multi-purpose thermal and acoustic insulation board made from UK crops.This medium density board is highly vapour ‘breathable’, transporting excess water vapour outward – keeping structures dry and healthy.For use as an external cladding board for timber frame or solid masonry and cavity wall retrofit projects or as an internal acoustic board.



IndiBreathe® Plant-based construction insulation system - made of insulating IndiBoards® and IndiTherm®


Good for people, good for the planet