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Fondo Pozzolanico MGN
Fondo Pozzolanico MGN
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Fondo Pozzolanico MGN

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A super heavy duty, waterproof, somewhat breathable lime tanking slurry, where breathability is not the primary objective


Typical applications: MGN floor primer, dehumidifying system, waterproofing skim coat, adhesion base on concrete, indoors only

Pozzolans (or in Italian: pozzolana) are various glassy materials (e.g. specific natural sands, ashes or powders) mixed into lime that can make lime plasters hydraulic, which is water resistant or even completely waterproof.

The name originates from the town Pozzuoli, located in the Bay of Naples surrounding the Vesuvius volcano.



Technical sheet


Application advice

Fondo Pozzolanico is available in 25 kg bags. For the right consistency use 10 litres of  Fixing P1/bag

Colour: Reddish brown

Recommended approximate thickness: 3-4 mm.

Work it in with straight edge trowel, apply several coats.



Natural hydrated earial lime (powder)  UNI EN 459-1 CL90S certified, purely limestone with 90%+ hydroxide content,

NHL 5 natural hydraulic lime UNI EN 459-1 certified

natural sands of river alluvial origin, pure and selected in a controlled grain size curve, EN 13139 certified,

natural pozzolan, EN 197-1 certified

marble dust, EN 12620 certified,

natural casein-based resin,

natural earth colours