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PAVAWALL - GF WL Insulation Board - Purchased by the Pallet

PAVAWALL - GF WL Insulation Board - Purchased by the Pallet

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Pavawall GS XL is a render-compatible insulation board for exterior facades. Each Board is 1860mm x 590mm.

Available to be purchased by the pallet only

PAVAWALL-GF XL is a render optimized, natural and ecological, thermal insulation board based on wood fibre. The high heat accumulating capacity makes the board ideal for protection against summer heat.

Always consult the local regulations and installation guidelines as well as the manufacturer’s recommended render systems.

  • Convenient size for easy and quick
  • Ideal for timber framework and exterior
    masonry facades.

Because the board is a plaster carrier it is ideal for EWI, IWI and internal roof installations.

Health, Environment and Safety

This product does not contain any substance which is likely to be detrimental to your health or to the environment and complies with generally admitted Health and Safety Requirements.


Store the insulation boards on a flat surface, keep dry and protected from sunlight.

**IMPORTANT** – Please note:

Wet, damaged, deformed or soiled insulation boards must not be installed. The PAVAWALL GF XL panels do not act as a rain screen during the construction phase for the work in question; they must therefore be protected from bad weather.

If there is a risk of exposure to the weather, the panels must be effectively protected (e.g. by installing a rainscreen in front of the scaffolding) until the work is completed.

Panels stored on site must also be protected from the elements, for example by means of a tarpaulin, or a clean and tight seal pallet cover. PAVAWALL GF XL panels must be coated within 2 months of installation.

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