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Rasacol MGN

Rasacol MGN

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Flexible, non-cracking traditional lime finish, and breathable adhesive for tiles or insulating boards


Sticks very well to any type of insulating board and doesn’t crack, thanks to its natural resin content (<3%)

Typical applications: lime skim for plasterboard, lime finish for rigid insulation boards, breathable adhesive for tiles or insulating boards


One of our most versatile materials:

-Lime skim for gypsum plasterboards,

-Bridging plaster between insulating boards and lime plasters,

-Breathable insulating board adhesive (suitable for use with wood fibre, rockwool, cork, hemp or calcium silicate boards),

-Flexible lime finish for insulating boards,

-Breathable tile adhesive for lime plastered walls or limecrete floors,

-Non-cracking lime finish (just finish and go, no touch up needed)

-Lime finish for lime plasters, which are still wet (no time for drying)


Perfect for plastering over insulation boards

Wood fibre and similar insulation panels are soft. As soon as you put lime plaster on it, the lime starts cracking and it might even come off. But there is a solution: Rasacol, a flexible lime mix, which is significantly more flexible than the board itself, as shown in the video.

It does stick very well to any sort of insulating board. Then you add render mesh, a second coat, and you can either paint it or apply coloured lime finishes, as a final touch.

Same thing for Rockwool boards, cork, reed mat, or even calcium silicate boards.




  • Hydrated lime, with more than 90% calcium hydroxide (CL90S as per EN459-1 standard)
  • NHL3.5 natural hydraulic lime (UNI EN 459-1)
  • Purified, natural sands in fine granules of alluvial fluvial origin (UNI EN 13139)
  • Natural resins <3%

Colour: Rose


With notched trowel, when used as tile or insulating board adhesive 

Troweled on in two coats, when used as a lime finish. Use of fibreglass mesh is recommended

Certified According to Uni En 998-1:2016 As Mortar For General Purposes For Interior/Exterior Plastering – GP