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Rasante B2007
Rasante B2007
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Rasante B2007

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A breathable but weatherproof alternative to level surfaces with different types of plasters, or plasters laid at different times, a uniform adhesion layer for subsequent coats or finishes


This lime finishing white plaster family is capable of:

– lime finishing outdoors (B2007)

– levelling uneven walls

– adhesion bridging between a cement and lime, so that lime plaster can be applied on cement surfaces

– patching and levelling wall surfaces of many different materials (e.g. mixes of bricks, lime, Natural Hydraulic Lime, cement, gypsum), often dating from different times

Stabilises heavily cracked surfaces made of both traditional and premixed plasters. A successful application of lime on concrete surfaces such as prefabricated concrete slabs or ceilings, or reinforced concrete columns and beams.

It also guarantees excellent natural insulating performance when applied to various cladding systems.

When applied outdoors protects the walls from harsh weather conditions.

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HYDRAULIC LIME in hydrated form (powder) certified according to UNI EN 459-1 CL90S purely limestone, i.e. with more than 90% hydroxide,

NHL 3.5 natural HYDRAULIC LIME certified according to UNI EN 459-1, Natural river sands, not milled, free of impurities and selected in a controlled grain size curve, certified according to UNI EN 13139,

Retardants and Thickeners < 3%.



The recommended approximate thickness is 3 mm