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Rinzaffo MGN - Roman waterproofing lime plaster or render

Rinzaffo MGN - Roman waterproofing lime plaster or render

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Rinzaffo MGN, waterproof, salt proof and breathable lime base coat

Fully breathable. Made from natural raw materials with no added chemicals or cement. It does not re- quire the use of salt neutralizing (anti-sulphate or anti-nitrate) chemicals.


At 10 mm thickness 1 x 25 kg will cover 1.5m2

Long lasting

Because it can withstand the effects of salts and dampness for a long time without breaking down.

Typical application example of the Rinzaffo MGN lime plaster in Venice: degraded, salty masonry in direct contact with water

Does not create static stress

Because it regulates the evaporation of humidity from those old walls that over the centuries have reached a static equilibrium. The controlled evaporation gradually lowers the moisture level of the walls until a new equilibrium is reached.

Areas of Application

Because the plaster is both waterproof and breathable, it is suitable for specialist applications such as:

• A base coat for re-plastering after rising or penetrating damp

• A render against driving rain
• A lime-based “tanking slurry” to make basements

or cellars waterproof

• A plaster against the damp patches or the crystallization of salts around old fireplaces and chimney stacks, a frequent problem in old buildings

• A waterproof floor base to prevent flooding in pressure water or high water table situations


How to Apply it?