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Termointonaco 2020 MGN Thermal Insulating Plaster

Termointonaco 2020 MGN Thermal Insulating Plaster

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A versatile material, suitable for insulating old buildings externally or internally.


Can be used as:

– A breathable external wall insulation

– Internal insulating plaster

– Floor insulation (also as part of underfloor heating systems, or limecrete floors)

– Lightweight ceiling plaster and insulation

Also suitable for:

– Insulating cold bridges

– Insulating basement and cellar walls

– Solving mould and condensation

– Soundproofing

– Fireproofing

Nano-technological thermal insulating lime plaster

TERMOINTONACO 2020 MGN is a lime plaster with high heat-insulating and reflectance characteristics based on natural limes with excellent sound-absorbing and acoustic properties, thermal displacement and fire resistance. Its remarkable diffused porosity gives it a high breath-ability and vapor permeability, preventing mould and condensation.


Hydrated lime powder, certified to UNI EN 459-1 CL90S, with more than 90% calcium hydroxide Natural hydraulic lime NHL 3.5 certified UNI EN 459-1
Lightened amorphous micro silica
Natural components from rice as natural 


Thermal, breathable, product for green building, single white colour


Thermal conductivity:  λ 0.043


Packaging: 10 kg bags

2.5 m2 at 10mm thickness

Indicative thicknesses: 4.5 kg / m2 per cm of thickness (indicative) +/- 10% 

Technical Data Sheet & Application Instructions



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