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Walking in the footsteps of ancient Rome
Traditional roman plastering recipes since 1980

MGNProducts are based on traditional natural breathable and flexible roman formulas. Each product has been created to resolve specific of issues such as structural support, penetrating salt and damp, thermal comfort and protection from the external elements.

Waterproofing Lime Plaster


– Base coat for preventing rising or penetrating damp.
– Waterproofing basements and cellars.– Render against driving rain.
– Pointing mortar for roofs and chimney stacks.
– Floor screed, even in locations with high water table, flooding areas or pressure water situations.
– Protective base coat for high salinity areas, such as old fireplaces and chimney breasts, seaside properties



Cocciopesto Deumidificante MGN is a dehumidifying system

Consisting of two products: Rinzaffo + Cocciopesto Deumidificante capable of resisting salts, (sulphates, chlorides and nitrates), which would attract moisture in the masonry, eroding and ruining it.

Cocciopesto Deumidificante


A versatile material
Suitable for internal or external application:
– has water-repellent properties, making it a great choice for a weather-resistant, single-coat lime render
  – lasting for decades without maintenance
 – resistant to frost and wind abrasion
– comes in 24 basic colours, and custom colours, upon request

Sanacolor 2000

Thermal Insulating Lime Plasters


This is a high performance Lime Insulating Plaster classified as Super Insulation.
– Low thickness provides superb insulation
– Easily beating condensation and mould
– Providing high thermal comfort in your home, reflecting heat back into your living area, holding cold out and heat inside,
– Highly breathable

TermoRasante Aerogel MGN


Can be used as:

 – A breathable external wall insulation
 – Internal insulating plaster
 – Floor insulation (also as part of underfloor heating systems, or limecrete floors)
 – Lightweight ceiling plaster and insulation

Termointonaco 2020 MGN


Hemp-based, insulating lime plaster
Great thermal and acoustic insulator, reducing CO2

– high-performance thermal and acoustic insulator

– makes your property remarkably cosier, and guarantees greater energy savings on heating,

Canapaterm MGN

Lime Renders



It also guarantees excellent natural insulating performance when applied to various cladding systems.

When applied outdoors protects the walls from harsh weather conditions.

Rasante B2007


Consolidation Lime Mortar

Example - Water repellent lime wall